New Course: The Anthropology of Palestine

CPS Faculty Rhoda Kanaaneh is teaching the course "The Anthropology of Palestine" in the Spring 2018 term.

This course examines the relationship between different forms of knowledge about Palestinians and the political and social history of the region. It explores the complex interplay of state, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class at both local and global levels in constructing what Palestine is and who Palestinians are. The course takes up diverse areas, from graphic novels to archaeological sites, from news reporting to hiking trails, to study how Palestine is created and recreated. Students will gain a familiarity with anthropological concepts and methodological approaches to Palestine. They will become familiar with aspects of the social organization, historical developments, and political events that have shaped the region over the last century. The course is also intended to develop students’ skills in written and oral communication, analysis, ethnographic observation, and critical thinking.

Department: Anthropology
Call Number: 14207
Day and Time: W 12:10pm-2:00pm
Location: 467 EXT Schermerhorn Hall [SCH]


Rhoda Kanaaneh serves on the editorial committee of the Journal of Palestine Studies.  Dr. Kanaaneh has taught anthropology and gender and sexuality studies at New York University, American University in Washington, DC and Columbia University.  She has held fellowships at Harvard, the European University Institute and Columbia.
She is the author of the award winning book Birthing the Nation:  Strategies of Palestinian Women in Israel (University of California, 2002) and Surrounded:  Palestinian Soldiers in the Israeli Military (Stanford, 2009).  Most recently she co-edited an anthology with isis Nusair titled Displaced at Home: Ethnicity and Gender Among Palestinians in Israel (SUNY, 2011).