A Summer School for Critical Palestine/Israel Studies

Palestine/Israel is a contested place, suffering from occupation and colonization, while also building solidarity and resistance. It is also the home of a vibrant community of leading critical scholars—Palestinians and Israelis—who engage with the past, present, and future of their lived political realities. However, the current academic climate is dominated by a commodified perception of knowledge, which shuns genuine scholarship out of fear of political implications. In the specific context of Israeli research universities, critical thinking on Palestine/Israel is becoming more and more silenced. This is why we believe that in the current situation, critical scholarship is a political act.

Mada al-Carmel: Arab Center for Applied Social Research invites graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and post-docs, both local and international, to apply for a critical academic research seminar about Palestine/Israel. The seminar will focus on various issues, such as political and legal theory, political geography, culture, and gender. It will take place during the first half of August 2017 and will last eight days. The program includes lectures by leading researchers, research workshops, and study tours, all of which are to be held in English.

  • Participation fees: 1500 euros, including accommodation, three meals a day, and tour fees.
  • Participation fee without accommodation: 1000 euros including three meals and tour fees.
  •  Participation fees do not include airline tickets.       

To submit applications please send the following to summerschool@mada-research.org :

- A cover letter explaining your interest in participating in the seminar, as well as your and research areas.

- A full CV

Deadline:  May 30, 2017

More details about the seminar and Mada al-Carmel are available at:  http://mada-research.org/en/?p=4867

*** The seminar is dependent upon a minimum number of participants.


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