Bodies of Revolution: Women Rise Against the Violence of Police, States & Empire


Join us as we explore why and how women experience violence at the intersection of multiple oppressive forces and systems and how they are RISING against imperalism, racism, sexism and neo-colonialism.

We will look to the women's movements and activists working to change the narrative of violence against women across the globe, from Say Her Name and Black Lives Matter in the US, the Chinese Feminist Five, the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq, the Gabriela Women's Movement and political party in the Philippines, Elman Peace and Human Rights Institute in Somalia, RIWAQ: Centre for Architecture Conservation in Palestine, Women activists in Afghanistan, the 'Politics of Sexual Violence in Sri Lanka', and One Billion Rising globally.

Building on our State of Female Revolution series, One Billion Rising and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies (CISPS) at Columbia Law School are bringing together this formidable group of activists for a public panel discussion on resisting the violence of police, states and empire.

104, Jerome Greene Hall, Columbia Law School

435 W 116th Street

Saturday December 5th, 9:30AM

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