Across Infrastructures of Restriction: Bringing Palestinian Photography from a Refugee Camp to an American University


In a gallery outside the Alumnae Lounge at Tufts University hung 26 photographs, including of youth standing around a fire blazing next to the Israeli separation wall at night; an elderly woman's portrait taken in a shard of mirror; girls on an amusement park ride in t-shirts emblazoned "Free Palestine;" a man lying in a hospital bed with a bloodied face, a bullet still bulging from his temple.

Inside, our guest on November 6, 2013, was a Palestinian photographer from Aida Refugee Camp, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. His name is Mohammad Al-Azza, the same man whose bloodied image hung on the wall outside. He is the director of the media unit at Lajee Center, a youth organization where he teaches photography and documentary filmmaking to young Palestinian refugees. At 23 years old, Al-Azza was barely older than the undergraduate students in the audience that evening...

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