Samah al-Hussein

I am 22 years old and studied social science. I currently work as a teacher at an UNRWA school and as a social worker with the NGO the Arab Palestinian Center. I am from Bourj al-Barajneh camp in Beirut, Lebanon. I joined in this project because I felt that it somehow removes boundaries between me and my country, which I have never been to. The pictures that are stored in my mind are the sum of what I heard here and there, and what my grandparents told me. Through this project, I am able to recognize and define my origin and the place that I come from. This is how the history of our country is passed down through generations, and this is how we can spread this history and information to other societies. The coming back is never far. I hope to go back to our holy land soon, where me and my family can sit near the olive tree, tell stories, and share events about how we fought for a country that we didn’t see, but that we feel that it’s a piece of our heart.
— Samah al-Hussein