Diaries & Biographies

A Passage from a Diary of Echoes

p 16, Alexandra Sophia Handal
Jerusalem and Bethlehem are sister cities that have historically shared close-knit social, economic and cultural ties. In 1948, when Zionist forces ethnically cleansed the western quarters of Jerusalem and its hinterland from their Palestinian Arab population, this had concrete consequences for...

Walking on Ruins: The Untold Story of Yalu

p 22, Ulla Mundinger
In June 2017, Yalu will observe its anniversary of 50 years of extinction. The Palestinian village has a long history to tell. A history of forced transformation and oblivion, of applying thick layers of trimmed present on the remaining shreds of the past. Since its expulsion in 1967and the...

Who Was Spyro Houris?

p 28, Adina Hoffman
During the summer of 2014, Adina Hoffman set out through the streets of Jerusalem in search of an elusive British Mandate-era architect named Spyro Houris. In this excerpt from her book, Till We Have Built Jerusalem , she recounts aspects of her quest to discover who this “most outstanding Arab...