Application Process

The following list of materials is required for all applicants:

  1. Completed Online Application found here. 
  2. Curriculum vitae. Should include Education (names and location of colleges, graduate and professional schools, with dates attended and degrees earned); Employment; Academic honors; Publications (Please do not send the publications); Languages read, spoken and written.
  3. Three-page (1000 word) description of the book project on which fellow will work and its significance. Indicate how much has been completed and what you intend to do during the fellowship period.
  4. Writing sample (15 pg max). Can be an extract from a longer work.
  5. Two letters of recommendation. Recommendations should come from scholars familiar with the proposed project and the applicant’s qualifications. Recommendations must be submitted only by recommenders here by February 28, 2018. Applicants are responsible for requesting the letters.

Application materials and recommendations should be submitted in PDF format on or before February 28, 2018.