Rawan Damen


Rawan Damen is has been a TV Senior Producer and director at Al Jazeera since 2006. She received her MA in Communications Studies from Leeds University/UK, Dec. 2003. BA in Media and Sociology from Birzeit University/Palestine, June 2001.



Waiting for Light, (English), 10 minutes, 2001. Participated in Milano Film Festival, Italy (Sep. 2001), Chicago Film Festival, USA (April 2003) and IAMHIST XX Conference, UK (July 2003)
Going Live (English), 25 minutes, 2003. Got the Best prize in Norwich Documentary Competition, UK, 2004
Pioneering Women (Arabic), 12 films, each 50 minutes, 2006 – 2008
Al Nakba (Arabic), 4 films, each 50 minutes, 2008
The Bitter Peace (Arabic), 50 minutes, 2009
Homeland's Owners (Arabic), 5 films, each 50 minutes, 2010