Mahmoud Al Massad


Mahmoud Al Massad, a filmmaker, was born in Jordan in 1969. He studied Film & Art at Yarmouk University in Jordan and then fled the country in 1988 to Romania, Italy, and Germany, where he studied and worked in the film industry. 


Since then, Al Massad has made more than 10 shorts films and documentaries. In 1995 he worked for two Dutch TV broadcasting stations, Migrant Television Amsterdam and STAD OMROEP Utrecht, where he made cultural programs in the Netherlands.

In 1998 Al Massad returned to working in independent film while making Shatter Hassan, his renowned feature film. It has been warmly received by international critics and has caught the eye of several Dutch productions.



Shatter Hassan, 40’, Beta SP, Fiction/Documentary (Jordan/Netherlands, 2001). 
Ritual, (1999) 
Mercator Carter, (1999) 
Human Land Escape, (1998) 
Block B, (1998)