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Archaeology and Identity in Modern Israel and Palestine

Please join the Center for Palestine Studies and the Center for Archaeology for a discussion on the controversial excavations in Jerusalem by Israelis.


Professor Raphael Greenberg, Tel Aviv University
Moderated by Brian Boyd, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology & Program Director at the Center for Archaeology, Columbia University

As part of this project, he published a book entitled: Israeli Archeological Activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem: A Sourcebook. His research focuses on two distinct fields: Early Bronze Age research, and the impact of archaeology in the present. His research covers questions such as the formation and dissolution of early urban societies in the Levant, long and mid-range interaction, migration and trade, and social and economic aspects of ceramic industries (most recently, the Kura-Araxes interaction sphere). Moreover, his work on archaeology in the present includes teaching and writing about community archaeology and the politics of the archaeology of ancient Jerusalem. These interests are brought into relation with one another through a commitment to critical archaeology and to the investigation of perrenially relevant questions such as time, migration and transmission of culture, and material culture and its agency. Greenberg is also the founder of an alternative archaeological tour of ancient Jerusalem called Emek Shaveh (


Raphael Greenberg is a senior lecturer in the field of archeology at Tel Aviv University. Currently, he is working on the West Bank and East Jerusalem Archeological Database Project, which lists the archeological sites that have been excavated by Israel in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967.

Friday, 15 March 2013, 1-2:30PM
Scheps Library, Room 457
Schermerhorn Extension
Columbia University
Enter gates on 116th & Broadway or Amsterdam