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7:00 PM19:00

GAZAN Writers Salon: Tracing Genealogies of Gazan Literature, 1947-2011

In this discussion moderated by Khalid Hadeed (Cornell University) and featuring academic discussantHelga Tawil Souri (NYU); Somaya al Sousi and Fatena al Ghorra contextualize their work within the broader landscape of Palestinian literature online, while Adania Shibli (co-editor Narrating Gaza) discusses the way in which such platforms foster literary community and discourse.

Throughout its history, Gaza and its surrounding region has been controlled by external forces. During World War I, Gaza became part of the British mandate of Palestine. Following the 1948 Arab Israeli War, Egypt administered the newly formed Gaza Strip, and in 1967 the Gaza Strip was captured by Israel in the Six-Day War. In 1994, administration of the Gaza Strip was transferred to the Palestinian National Authority. Following the 2011 Egyptian uprisings, Egyptian involvement in the blockade of Gaza ended, potentially marking a new period of increasing mobility and literary production.

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2:00 PM14:00

The Politics of Analogizing Language and Music

A panel discussion following the premiere of Mohammed Fairouz's Symphony No. 3 "Poems and Prayers."

Panelists: Mohammed Fairouz, Jacqueline Rose, Sinan Antoon

Voice, lyricism, tonality, counterpoint, the operatic: literary critics and social theorists often make recourse to the metaphors of musicality. Similarly, musicians often draw upon literature, not merely by writing or incorporating it in the form of lyric, but as theoretical inspiration. A few undertake theoretical labor in and through their music. Such is the case with Mohammed Fairouz. Following on the world premiere of Fairouz's Symphony No. 3: "Poems and Prayers," which weaves together poetic texts from the Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew, this panel opens up discussion about music and literature to questions of translation and comparative composition, as well as the politics of analogizing language and music.

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