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9:30 AM09:30

THE ARAB REVOLTS: Causes, Dynamics, Effects

9:30 AM Opening Keynote
Rashid Khalidi (Columbia), ‘America and the Arab Revolts’
*Moderated by Bashir Abu-Manneh (Columbia)

11 AM First Panel
Gilbert Achcar (SOAS, London) ‘Roots and Dynamics of Arab Revolt’
Asef Bayat (Illinois) ‘Revolution without Movement, Movement without Revolution-Again’
Mona El Ghobashy (Barnard) ‘The Politics of Counter-Revolt in Egypt’
*Moderated by Marwa El Shakry (Columbia)

2:15 PM Second Panel
Jason Brownlee (Texas) ‘Antecedents of the Tunisian Revolt’
Gershon Shafir (UCSD) ‘Tahrir in Tel-Aviv?’
Lisa Wedeen (Chicago) ‘Ideology in the Political Present: Notes from Syria’
*Moderated by Nadia Abu El-Haj (Columbia)

430 PM Closing Keynote
Khaled Hroub (Cambridge) ‘After the Revolts: The Question of Palestine’
*Moderated by Rashid Khalidi (Columbia)

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4:00 PM16:00

The Ethics of Pinkwashing: LGBT Rights in Israel/Palestine

Professors Katherine Franke, Kendall Thomas, and Vani Natarajan, Humanities and Area Studies Librarian, Barnard College, visited Israel and Palestine in January, 2012 as part of the first LGBTQ delegation to the West Bank.

Come hear them offer a "queer take" on Israel/Palestine. Moderated by Neta Patrick, Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School.

Sponsored by the Center for Gender & Sexuality Law and cosponsored with the Center for Palestine Studies and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender.

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12:30 PM12:30

Displaced at Home: Ethnicity and Gender Among Palestinians in Israel

Displaced at Home gathers a group of Palestinian women scholars who present unflinching critiques of the complexities and challenges inherent in the lives of this understudied but important population. The essays engage topics ranging from internal refugees and historical memory to women's sexuality and the resistant possibilities of hip-hop culture. Unique in the collection is sustained attention to gender concerns, which have tended to be subordinated to questions of nationalism, statehood, and citizenship.
The collection presents on-the-ground examples of the changing political, social, and economic conditions of Palestinians in Israel, and examines how global, national, and local concerns intersect and shape their daily lives.
Sponsored by the Center for Palestine Studies & the Anthropology Department at Columbia University.

RHODA KANAANEH, Anthropology Department, Columbia University
ISIS NUSAIR, Department of Women's Studies, Denison University
LENA MEARI, Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University

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