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THE ARAB REVOLTS: Causes, Dynamics, Effects


Conference Schedule

9:30 AM
Opening Keynote

Rashid Khalidi (Columbia), ‘America and the Arab Revolts’
*Moderated by Bashir Abu-Manneh (Columbia)


11:00 AM
First Panel

Gilbert Achcar (SOAS, London) ‘Roots and Dynamics of Arab Revolt’
Asef Bayat (Illinois) ‘Revolution without Movement, Movement without Revolution-Again’
Mona El Ghobashy (Barnard) ‘The Politics of Counter-Revolt in Egypt’
*Moderated by Marwa El Shakry (Columbia)


2:15 PM
Second Panel

Jason Brownlee (Texas) ‘Antecedents of the Tunisian Revolt’
Gershon Shafir (UCSD) ‘Tahrir in Tel-Aviv?’
Lisa Wedeen (Chicago) ‘Ideology in the Political Present: Notes from Syria’
*Moderated by Nadia Abu El-Haj (Columbia)


4:30 PM
Closing Keynote

Khaled Hroub (Cambridge) ‘After the Revolts: The Question of Palestine’
*Moderated by Rashid Khalidi (Columbia)


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The Middle East Institute

The Trans-Arab Research Institute (TARI)

The Heyman Center


13 April 2012, 9:30 AM – 6 PM
Columbia University, Schermerhorn Building, Room 501
Enter Gates on 116 and Broadway or Amsterdam