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The fragmentation of Palestinian space and population results in a deeply wounded and torn collective archive. This workshop is a call for the re-unification and re-figuration of the Palestinian archive, specifically its cartographic content: the construction of a web-based participatory data-base of spatial information on Palestinian space.


A public visualization of a Palestinian spatial narrative on the history, current struggles, as well as utopian aspirations of the Palestinian people is crucial for empowering Palestinian social imaginaries. A democratic access to spatial data on Palestine is amongst the key requirements for an influential popular imagination of alternative spatial and political organization. An online public cartographic archive can provide the tools for developing such visions, and more importantly, enables their authors to communicate them globally.

To begin this long-term endeavor, we will open the discussion by analyzing the potential role of (digital) cartography in the Palestinian struggle for self-determination.

Saskia Sassen

Nora Akawi

Brian Boyd

Elizabeth Angell

15 April 2011, 1:00 PM
Room 208, Knox Hall
606 West 122nd Street
Columbia University