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Housing, Land, & Property Rights in East Jerusalem & the West Bank

Antonia Mulvey of the Norwegian Refugee Council in discussion with Professor Peter Rosenblum

The Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law invites you to a lunch time discussion with Professor Peter Rosenblum and Antonia Mulvey. Antonia is a British lawyer with extensive experience in criminal, human rights and refugee law. Currently, she is the international legal expert for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) based in New York. In March 2009, she established the first legal program for the NRC in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. The program focuses on representing Palestinians on housing, land and property cases within the Israeli legal system and it is currently the only international organization undertaking cases of this nature.

Antonia will be talking about the current situation regarding Palestinian housing, land and property issues in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Specifically she will highlight trends related to house demolition, eviction from homes, inability of Palestinians to access land and confiscation of land. She will be looking at the legal challenges faced by those bringing cases and for lawyers taking cases as well as highlighting some of the key issues of the complex legal system in which these cases are brought. She will also propose ways that could assist with tackling the current legal challenges.