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Inaugural Event

The opening on 7 October 2010 of the Center for Palestine Studies was an important moment for Columbia University as well as for the wider academic community interested in the study of Palestine and Palestinians. Co-Director Rashid Khalidi's initial words, "I hereby announce the opening of the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University," were greeted with enthusiastic clapping and cheers from the over 350 in attendance.

We hope that our new Center will serve as a central space for the scholarly exchange of ideas on Palestine, as well as a site for the documentation of its rich history, culture, and society.

We invite you to visit our website for updates. The Center seeks to build connections with other faculty, students and institutions. Please share with us your event notifications and your scholarly activities and resources. We also invite you to collaborate with us and to link our center with your academic institution, department, and/or organization.

This is the beginning of something completely new in the North American academy: the first Center for Palestine Studies.

Best Wishes,
Co-Directors, Rashid Khalidi & Brinkley Messick