Close to Death


Abdel Salam Shehadeh -- 26' (Palestine, 1997)

Crónicas Palestinas: Los Caminos De La Ira


Miguel Littin -- 58’ (Chile/Palestine: 2002)

Crossing Kalandia


About the Film

A video journal reflecting the life of a Palestinian family and a Palestinian town during one year of the intifada. Kalandia is the name of a refugee camp between Ramallah and Jerusalem, but more recently it has become the location of one of the most heavily-traveled Israeli checkpoints in the Palestinian territories. Shot between May 2001 and August 2002, Crossing Kalandia offers a unique perspective on recent events in Palestine.


Sobhi al-Zobaidi -- 52' (Palestine: 2002) 

Curfew (Hatta Isaar Akhar)


About the Film

A unique dramatization of the human cost of the Arab-lsraeli conflict. Set during an endless curfew in a quiet Palestinian quarter of occupied Gaza, the film evokes the pressures and displacements of life under siege: the spookily quiet streets; the mounting despair and frustration; the tear gas clouds and electricity outages; the crackle of loudspeakers and the headlights sweeping the night. Curfew conveys the Palestinian side of the Middle East crisis, but its insights would be equally valid for any place where civil liberties are routinely suppressed and ordinary life is not permitted to be ordinary.



Rashid Masharawi -- 74’, Arabic/Hebrew (Palestine: 1994)

Dahiet Al-Bareed


About the Film

Filmed in a West Bank neighborhood designed by her architect grandfather in 1956 and now marooned behind an army checkpoint. Instead of making any overtly political point, the film quietly follows aimless lives, lads playing football, a bored child setting fire to a heap of rubbish.


Rosalind Nashashibi -- Experimental short (USA: 1999)

Debris (Radm)



Arabic with English subtitles A Palestinian family’s land, once covered with olive trees and crops, has been bulldozed by Israeli forces. Debris is not simply the story of a farmer whose house is bulldozed and whose farm is destroyed. Debris is a fantasy… of dreams to fly far away in order to touch the sky, to break out of the despair of reality. Debris is the story of an entire generation who inherited humiliation and ignominy.


Abdel Salam Shehadeh -- 10' (Palestine: 2002)

Destruction (Ijtiyah)



An Israeli soldier views a documentary about the aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Jenin refugee camp. He is one of the drivers of the bulldozers that caused massive destruction in the camp. The camera moves between demolished homes and alleys, echoing the hopes and fears of the Palestinian people and their basic right to live in peace. This is the story of simple dreams being wiped out by the invasion.



Nizar Hasan -- 60' (Palestine: 2003)