Yadun Ilahi

Divine Intervention (Yadun Ilahi)



In Nazareth, under a guise of normalcy, the town embraces folly. The Palestinian people, unable to act on their feelings of oppression, take out their hostilities on one another. A love story takes place between two Palestinians: a man living in Jerusalem and a woman living in Ramallah. The man shifts between his ailing father and his love life, trying to keep both alive. Because of the political situation, the woman's freedom of movement ends at the Israeli army checkpoint between the two cities. Barred from crossing, the lovers' intimate encounters take place on a deserted lot right beside the checkpoint. The lovers are unable to exempt reality from occupation. They are unable to preserve their intimacy in the face of a siege. A complicity of solemn desire begins to generate violent repercussions and, against the odds, their angry hearts counter-attack with spasms of spectacular fantasy.


Elia Suleiman -- 92’, Arabic/Hebrew/English (Palestine/France/Morocco/Germany: 2002)