Sobhi Al-Zobeidi

Ali & His Friends (Ali et ses amis)


About the film

Sobhi Al-Zobeidi presents a group of children from the Jalazone refugee camp, his home camp, as the heroes of this original documentary.


Sobhi Al-Zobeidi -- Documentary, 10' (Palestine: 1999)

Crossing Kalandia


About the Film

A video journal reflecting the life of a Palestinian family and a Palestinian town during one year of the intifada. Kalandia is the name of a refugee camp between Ramallah and Jerusalem, but more recently it has become the location of one of the most heavily-traveled Israeli checkpoints in the Palestinian territories. Shot between May 2001 and August 2002, Crossing Kalandia offers a unique perspective on recent events in Palestine.


Sobhi al-Zobaidi -- 52' (Palestine: 2002) 

Light at the End of the Tunnel (al-Dhou fi Akhar al-Nafaq)



Since 1967, thousands of Palestinians have been incarcerated in Israeli prisons. After the Oslo accords, some were released. These women and men had a difficult time readapting after years of reclusion. Four men and four women share their difficulties with integration into a new life, their traumas and the tensions that exist in their families within a new Palestinian society.


Subhi al-Zobaidi -- 47’ (Palestine: 2001)

Looking Awry (Chawal)



A Palestinian filmmaker is commissioned by an American organization to make a documentary film, which is to depict Jerusalem as a city of peace and coexistence between Jews and Arabs. But and while making the film, the filmmaker keeps running into situations that are very different from what he is trying to depict. The reality of things on the ground, proves to be much stronger than its representation.


Sobhi al-Zobaidi -- 29’, Arabic with English Subtitles (Palestine: 2001)

My Very Private Map



Why is it easier for the director to go to New York than to Gaza? This film is a personal reflection on the 50th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba. The director combines archival images of the Nakba with images of life today to express feelings about the events of 1948 and the consequences for this people.


Sobhi Al-Zobaidi -- 20' (Palestine: 1998)

Palestine for Dummies



An experimental movie in which the director creates a monotony from black and white pictures from Al Nakba and written scrolls of UN regulations, that all create a sense of how this Palestine is for dummies.


Sobhi Al-Zobeidi -- Experimental, 16', English (Palestine: 2003)