Saed Andoni

A Number Zero (Ala Sefer)



The filmmaker returns to his hometown of Bethlehem during the Israeli army invasion of the city in April 2001. He goes to a barber to cut his hair and finds that the barbershop represents a microcosm of the community that comes to the shop in order to seek refuge from the warring world outside. The shop’s regular patrons strive for a measure of normalcy in their conversations and the enactment of their usual rhythms of life.


Saed Andoni -- 27’ (2002)

The Last Frontier (Al-Hudud Al-Akhira)



Christmas 2001, the director travels to Washington to visit his brother and his family. Far from the intifada, they live in the frustration of exile, and ask questions about the meaning of their identity.


Saed Andoni -- 32' (Palestine: 2002)