Rana’s Wedding

Rana’s Wedding (Jerusalem, Another Day)



Rana, a young Palestinian woman sneaks out of her father's house at daybreak. It is the day she is set to go with her father to Egypt, but she doesn't want to leave. She wants to stay in Jerusalem with her boyfriend and does not want to marry any of the men her father has selected. She wanders through East Jerusalem and Ramallah, looking for her true love, Khalil. Upon finding him she tries to organize the wedding and convince her father to give his consent. For this is in her view the only way to remain here. While the people of East Jerusalem and Ramallah are living under oppression and occupation, while abnormal things like roadblocks and barriers, soldiers and guns are becoming the reality of everyday life, normal things like love or a wedding become fiction.



Hany Abu-Assad -- 87’, Arabic with English Subtitles (Palestine: 2002)