Omar Al-Qattan

Diary of an Arts Competition



In the early autumn of 2002, seven young Palestinian artists gather in Ramallah to present their work in a group exhibition for an Arts Competition. Three others, unable to attend because of the total closure of the Gaza Strip where they live, send their work through the French and British diplomatic bags.Three jurors brave the closures and travel to Ramallah from Jerusalem, Cuba and France. The film is a video diary, which recounts the events surrounding the exhibition and explores some aspects of art’s relationship with resistance, politics and violence.


Omar Al-Qattan -- Documentary, 17’ (UK/ Palestine: 2002)

Dreams and Silence (Ahlam fi Faragh)



A portrait of a Palestinian refugee in Jordan and her struggles with the religious and social constraints around her at a time of great tension and anguish preceding the Gulf War.


Omar Al-Qattan -- Documentary (UK: 1991)

Going Home (Al-'Aouda)



In late 1947, Palestine is a country in the throes of war between Palestine's Arabs and Jews. The British government is officially responsible for maintaining law and order but it quickly loses control and decides to abandon the country on May 15th 1948, leaving behind a war which was to lead to the tragic dispossession of over three quarter million Palestinian Arabs of their homes and the creation of the state of Israel.

One man, Major Derek Cooper, witnessed those final days of the Mandate as an officer in the British army responsible for the protection of the Arab city of Jaffa . His experiences there marked him so deeply that he continued to work on behalf of Palestine's refugees for most of his life. The film tells the story of his return to Palestine/Israel in the summer of 1995.


Omar Al-Qattan -- 50’, English/Arabic with French and English subtitles (Palestine/UK: 1996)