Nida Sinnokrot




In June of 2002, on the brink of the U.S. war on Iraq, the construction of a 230-mile barrier began. Though it is referred to as a “security fence” by Israel, the form changes along the route, and near large cities it is actually a concrete wall twice as high as the former Berlin Wall. Obstacle is a feature documentary that explores the Palestinian/Israeli conflict through tracing the construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall. The wall will serve as a thematic backbone, through which the documentary will examine several key issues: the silent yet critical war over natural resources, the threat to peace posed by Israeli settlements, and the idea of “transfer” now openly discussed as a way to purge Palestinians from their ancestral land. Obstacle also explores the importance of the Israeli left, the many internationals in solidarity with Palestinians, and the emergence of a non-violent resistance movement. The film’s unique approach immerses the viewer in the confusion and desperation the Palestinians encounter daily as they seek to understand this wall’s impact on their lives.


Nida Sinnokrot -- Documentary, 115’, English (Palestine/USA: 2003)

Palestine Blues



What is left for Palestinian farmers who learn that in 24hrs the Israeli Army will confiscate their lands for the construction of a Security Wall? What do people do when their very survival is threatened by one of the world's most powerful armies? PALESTINE BLUES tells the story of a village's confusion, desperation, and resistance, their daily victories and wrenching defeats. Unexpectedly filled with moments of poetry and humor this film's intimate access, unforgettable characters and story structure blur the line between documentary and narrative. Filmed at times with a hidden camera and at times under extreme duress, Palestinian-American filmmaker Nida Sinnokrot gives us a lasting chronicle of a people and their ancient life-giving orchards, ever threatened by destruction.



Nida Sinnokrot (2008)