Hicham Kayed

Childhood in the Midst of Mines


About the film

"We're deprived from playing because of the landmines, and our families are not able to cultivate the land." Israel left many landmines in South Lebanon when they withdrew from the country in May, 2000. Following Israel's withdrawal, many children continued to be injured by these mines. This film aims to prompt both government and public action to remedy this situation.


Hicham Kayyed -- 18' (Lebanon: 2002)

God Forbid!



The reality of life in the refugee camps blocks the dreams of children and becomes a nightmare for Halim. He is thinking of leaving school to support his family, while his friends spend the vacation acting as fortune-tellers.


Hicham Kayed -- 26' (Lebanon: 2001)

Our Dreams… When?



Written and directed by Palestinian youth living as refugees in Lebanon. The young writers enter the film as a group of friends whose daydreams become a reality. Mohammed, the journalist, covers the young photo exhibit in the camp, Rabab flies across all borders, Muna becomes a doctor, Walid finally sings on stage and Zeinab directs a film.


Hicham Kayed -- 16' (Lebanon: 2001)

Yaffa's Sugar (Sukkar Yafa)



"I dreamt that my grandmother held me by the hand and flew with me to Palestine, she looked down and said this is our village my grandson. I descended and she continued her flight…"


Hicham Kayed -- 32' (Lebanon: 2002)