Hanna Musleh

Dignified Life (Karama al-'Aysh)



A camera follows four handicapped children and their families through the margins of a society that struggles for autonomy and independence.


Hanna Musleh -- 52' (Palestine: 2002)

I’m a Little Angel



Shot in Bethlehem during the second Intifada, this documentary tells the touching story of three children who by force of events became victims of the indiscriminate violence by the Occupation Forces. AS they and their families grapple with the trauma and its ramifications, the view gets a unique chance of witnessing the scale and magnitude of the tragedy of the Palestinian people, children and adults alike.


Hanna Musleh -- 40' (Palestine: 2000)

Sahar's Wedding


About The Film

The chronicle of a wedding in a Palestinian village under Israeli occupation, this film provides a portrait not only of the bride and groom, but also of their immediate kin. It becomes clear that attitudes about marriage, women’s roles and politics are undergoing great changes. Despite the military presence, there is hope for the future.


Hanna Musleh -- 46' (Palestine: 1991)

Tear of Peace



“Tear of Peace” is a film that tells the story of the pain and suffering of a Palestinian family since the nakbah in 1948. After the 1967 war, they moved to Jordan, and later on to Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Libya.The family moves again to the city of Ariha (Jericho) after the “Gaza-Ariha” accord. After the outbreak of the first Intifada, one of the members of the family is killed. The Israeli defense forces demolish the family’s house which they had built with their own hands, and they arrest their second son. The family now lives in a tent next to their demolished house.


George Musleh -- 34' (Palestine: 2003)

We Are God's Soldiers



Filmed in 1992, this study of Islamic movements in the Gaza Strip includes interviews with some of the Hamas leaders expelled in 1992 as well as a clear definition of the role of women. The story of two brothers, one a supporter of the PLO’s Fatah and the other favoring the Hamas movement, adds personalization.


Hanna Musleh -- 52' (1993)