Azza el-Hassan

3 Cm Less



“How dare you leave this family and walk away?” This is what Reed says to her dead father who in 1972 hijacked a plane and died in the process. Her anger toward him is not very different from the anger which Samia, Surida and Sarah feel toward their mothers who were always too busy fighting the Israeli occupation to be present in their lives. These are the main characters in “3 cm Less”, women who wish to reconcile with their family members by capturing their attempts to do so on tape.


Azza el-Hassan -- Documentary, 60’ (Palestine: 2003) A

Newstime (Zaman al-Akhbar)



This documentary film celebrates life's little details, and at the same time reveals the layers of our relationship with death and life. The film is a diary of the director's life and that of four boys who live in her neighborhood. As political reality worsens, the five characters find that their life's small details are taken over by political events.


Azza El-Hassan -- 54' (Palestine: 2001)

Out of Place (Kharij al-Makan)



In Out of Place, each image and each place conjures up spaces that preoccupy the director Azza Al-Hassan; be it heaven or hell or the earth in between, each space evokes the spirits of the past, present and future, and amalgam history, geography and fantasy into a subjective experience that is uniquely intimate and universally appealing.


Azza al-Hassan (1999)