Under the Rubble (Tahat al-Anqadh)



Documentary on the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and siege of Beirut.


Mai Masri & Jean Chamoun -- 50', Arabic (Lebanon: 1983)

Upside Down (Makloubeh)



"Makloubeh" or "Upside Down" is the name of a typical Palestinian dish that gives the film its title. Rashid Mashharawi uses the theme of food to explore Palestinian identity. With disarming humor, his depiction of rural simplicity and the bucolic freshness of this shots help him achieve his objective.


Rashid Masharawi -- 10’ (Palestine: 2000)

Vision (Ru’yah)



Starting with the hands’ gestures of various sculptures for imperative historical Egyptian figures and through the sketches of a painter, the camera hence continues to follow the hands of different people while doing various jobs.


Enas I. Muthaffar -- Documentary, 5' (Egypt: 1999)

Viva El Presidente



Viva El Presidente: El Recurso del Metodo; Le Recourse de la Methode; The Discourse on Method)



Miguel Littin (1978)

Waiting (Attente)



Before leaving to settle abroad, Ahmad accepts one last job. He must audition actors for the new National Palestinian Theatre. On the road with interviewer Bissan and her cameraman Loumir, Ahmad goes in search of talent in the numerous refugee camps of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Hopefully for the last time, Ahmad experiences the insurmountable difficulties of life in Palestine: harassing searches at check points and borders, barricades, constant tension. He realizes the destiny of all waiting refugees is much the same as his own. He ends up guiding the auditioning actors into dramatizing what best embodies their destiny. But with the chance to catch his plane at risk, Ahmad could see the opportunity for his long-awaited exile slip away.



Rashid Masharawi -- 90’, Arabic (Palestine/France: 2005)

Waiting for Light



Easter in Palestine has a special meaning. This documentary film follows two Christian women from Ramallah in the West Bank during Easter Holy Week. They express their feelings towards being not permitted to attend the celebrations in Jerusalem (16 km far from Ramallah), and how they wait for the Holy Light to come from Jerusalem with other fellow Christians. Traditional customs of Easter are also shown, together with special events that took place during Easter Week.


Rawan Damen -- Documentary, 10’, English (Palestine: 2000)