Fadwa: a Palestinian Poet (Fadwa: Sha'ira Min Filastin)


About The film

The film traces the life of the great Palestinian poetess, Fadwa Tuqan.


Liana Badr -- 52' (Palestine: 1999)

Fertile Memory (Al-Dhakira Al-Khasba)


About the Film

Written in 1978, Fertile Memory was the first film to be made by a Palestinian director inside Israel's pre-1967 borders. Neither a documentary nor a feature film, Fertile Memory recounts the lives of two very different Palestinian women: Farah Hatoum, a widow living with her children and grandchildren, and Sahar Khalifeh, a West Bank novelist. Their differing opinions and differing lives play an important role in underlining their shared status as Palestinians under Israeli rule, and as women in a male-dominated society. Yet despite these contrasts, both mother and intellectual share the same struggle for freedom and dignity.



Michel Khleifi -- 99’, Arabic (Belgium/Palestine: 1980)

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About the Film

An illustration for the Intifada’s psychological impact on Palestinian children, which shows five stories of five kids trying to portray what the word “occupation” means.


Enas I. Muthaffar -- Documentary, 30’ (Egypt/Palestine: 2001)

Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land



A look at the lives and loves of eight interfaith and interethnic couples in Israel and occupied Palestine.



Michel Khleifi -- Documentary, 66', Arabic/Hebrew (Palestine/UK/Belgium: 1995)

Ford Transit



The film follows Rajai, who drives his Ford Transit between Ramallah and Jerusalem, and captures the roadblocks, conversations, and frustrations common to the daily lives of Palestinians under occupation.


Hany Abu-Assad -- 80', Arabic/English/Hebrew (Palestine: 2002)

Foreign Nights



A Toronto teenager pursues a dream of becoming a creative dancer, to the consternation of her Palestinian immigrant parents. The father considers an arranged marriage to a man in their homeland to straighten his Canadianized daughter out.


Izidore Musallam -- 90’, English (Canada: 1989)

Four Songs for Palestine (Arba'a Aghani Li Filastin)



Every day is a bad-news day in a tiny place in this world called Palestine. Death has become very much part of daily life on the West Bank and Gaza. A Palestinian woman goes through the daily routines of eating, drinking, and feeding her son while the news of the conflict permeates her mundane chores.


Nada El-Yassir -- 13’ (Palestine: 2001)

Frontiers of Dreams and Fears (Ahlam Al-Manfa)



Award-winning Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri's most recent work traces the delicate friendship that evolves between two Palestinian girls: Mona, a resident of the economically marginalized Beirut refugee camp and Manar, an occupant of Bethlehem's Al-Dheisha camp under Israeli control. The two girls begin and continue their relationship through letters until they are finally given the opportunity to meet at the border during the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon. When the intifada suddenly erupts around them, both girls face heart-breaking changes in their lives.


Mai Masri -- 56’, Arabic with English Subtitles (Lebanon: 2001)