Beirut Diaries (Yaumiyat Beirut)



By focusing on the experiences of 25-year-old Nadine Zaidan, who was one of the thousands of activists who gathered in Beirut's Martyrs Square in the chaotic days immediately following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in February of 2005, Beirut Diaries explores critical transformations and crucial questions facing contemporary Lebanon. With this insightful video diary, director Mai Masri (Frontiers of Dreams and Fears) chronicles the political ferment embodied in the March 11th Movement, also known as The Cedar Revolution, as people of all factions, ages and religious affiliations passionately debate such issues as Syria's influence in Lebanese politics, the establishment of an international commission to investigate Hariri's assassination and the organization of free parliamentary elections. Masri's documentary shows that together, the people of Lebanon are striving to forge a new direction for their country.



Mai Masri -- Documentary, 79’, Arabic (Lebanon: 2006)