Homage by Assassination (Segment in “The Gulf War: What Next?”)



This is the fifth part of the collective film titled Gulf War, What Next? It films a Palestinian man reflecting on the war in the Persian Gulf and on the related media coverage. The man is the filmmaker himself, cloistered in his claustrophobic studio in New York as Nazareth, his native city, and is threatened by the Iraqi Scud missiles launched against Israeli cities, during the Iraqi-Persian War. This short diary-report style film follows up the routines of Suleiman's day that he performs: He ties his bootlaces, boils milk on the stove, observes from the window a couple's quarrel in the street, weighs himself repeatedly on the scale, goes to the bathroom, makes phone calls and works on editing his film.


Elia Suleiman -- 27’ (Palestine/Tunisia/US: 1992)