The Land That Remains is an elegiac exploration of  a culture and epic civilization vanishing into a cyclically wounded landscape. Originally commissioned by UNESCO, Federico Busonero made three extensive photographic journeys throughout the West Bank of the occupied Palestinian territory in 2008 and 2009. Using a traditional camera and unmistakably, his heart, he created pictures that illustrate culturally important, rarely seen places in the topography of Mashriq – the “places of sunrise” to the east of the Nile – villages and cities with extraordinary heritage, pastoral rolling hills and ancient olive groves, fertile wadi ecologies, sacred desert cemeteries, and vanishing millennial archaeological sites. A critical, yet neutral gaze, sheds light on the impending loss of Palestine’s cultural legacy – images of today’s broken history being occupied forcefully by another’s reality – reflecting visions of hope sacrificed, in the land that remains.