The Nakba and Law Workshop


Our successful two-day CPS-Adalah Workshop on “The Nakba and Law” convened in Ramallah, Palestine with some thirty participants, including both academic scholars and lawyer practitioners. Those present from Columbia included professors Katherine Franke and Brinkley MessickDarryl Li (CPS, University of Chicago); CU Anthropology graduate student Peter Lagerqvist; and former CPS Fellows Omar Tesdell (Birzeit University), Suhad Bishara (Adalah) and Emilio Dabed (al-Najah University).

The prepared reflections for the workshop were divided into presentations in four sessions:

  1. The new conceptual approach to the Nakba as a structure and an ongoing process rather than an event of the past
  2. Issues surrounding landed property, involving the complex political economy of post-Ottoman and British Mandate Palestine, down to the confiscations and the seizure strategies of the new settler colonial state
  3. Topics in related Human Rights law, the discourse of genocide, and statehood questions
  4. The Nakba as a legal phenomenon, the theory and the practice of resisting settler colonialism

WORKSHOP SUMMARY by Amjad Iraqi (Adalah)