The Land That Remains: Photographs from Palestine

THE LAND THAT REMAINS: Photographs from Palestine

Federico Busonero and Giovanni Fontana Antonelli presented a special book of photographs from Palestine.


The Palestine I visited remained elusive, transfixed in the stillness of its own time. I felt almost like an intruder as I approached the contradictory present topography and demanding past contained within: places of great weight and history, places of many recorded and unrecorded memories, places resonant with human suffering and dignity.
— Federico Busonero



79 color photographs
176 pages
Photographs: Federico Busonero
Photo editors: Anne Sanciaud-Azanza, Federico Busonero
The Solitude of the Gods - Anne Sanciaud-Azanza
The Fourth Landscape – Giovanni Fontana Antonelli
The Land That Remains – Federico Busonero
Book design, editor, pre press: Brooks Walker
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany
Publication date: April 2016
First English edition