Kufia 1988 - Manara


Milo Manara


13.75" X 19.75"


L'Alfabeto Urbano/CUEN

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Purchased by Liberation Graphics

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The PPPA has an original copy of this poster/item

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Portfolio 1301 - 1400

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They Have A Right To Life - 3

Radiant Qabbeh - 2

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 
Curator's note: This is believed to be a partial/remnant of a larger poster. Its central feature is a qabbeh (Arabic: chest panel)
This poster was acquired along with Radiant Qabbeh - 1 which may be viewed

Forty Years Later

Palestinians Gathering Olives

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 
Text: Palestinians gathering olives in a grove near Jerusalem (1927)
(text around image)
"Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soul of the wide world dreaming of things to come, and peace proclaims olives of endless age, when tyrants crests and tombs of brass are spent" - Shakespeare's sonnets 107"

Kufia 1988 - Ghigliano

We Shall Overcome - 2

A Song of the Palestinian Resistance

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text:

(English caption)

Khalil al Wazir (Abu Jihad)

Born in Ramleh, Palestine, 1935

Killed by Israeli agents in his home in Tunis during the night of April 15, 1988

Arabic translation of song:


If I should fall riddled with bullet wounds,

And my blood should run out and my gun not be near

If my body should ever be prey to hovering vultures,

Brother, this is the road I have taken,

You continue the struggle


A song of the Palestinian resistance


Photo: Joss Dray

Design: Kamal Boullata

Realization: Lily Farhoud